100XDNA Masterclass by Daniel Tolson

In this mind-blowing 100xDNA Masterclass, you will be transformed and empowered for success, right down to your very DNA. Every self-limiting belief will be discarded. Every mental block will be broken. You will finally be able to unlock your full human potential and be unstoppable as you unleash your true purpose in life!

Side Hustle Convention

Learn from 18 Speakers from around the world on how you can create enjoyable side hustles that can grow into a real business. You will get to discover what side gigs are in demand, steps to turn your passion into profits and strategies to grow your side gig into a business.

Entrepreneur Masterclass by Vince Tan

Join Vince Tan in this 3 days hands-on Masterclass to turn your idea into massive, scalable, profitable multi-million dollar business. Learn how to develop a product that people love from Day 1, attract the best team to work with, and effectively pitch to investors in 60 seconds. Whether you’re an aspiring or veteran entrepreneur, you will definitely learn something valuable and applicable through this program!

Income Creation Intensive VIP

In this VIP upgrade, you will get access to all the bonuses and learn all the different strategies that going to help you generate extra income.

Ultimate Closer Masterclass by Aaron Chong

Did you know that every one of us is selling every single day? The real question is why not do it better? Aaron Chong will reveal to you the exact closing formula & system to close any sale. You'll learn how to get that meeting with your prospects without selling. Join the Ultimate Closer Masterclass and learn the most practical skill that is highly paid for.

Affiliate Millionaire Masterclass by Barry Plaskow

In this masterclass, Barry Plaskow will be teaching you how to be a super affiliate by earning commission from selling other people's high ticket products. You won't need to worry about the trouble of creating a product, sourcing products, and customer service anymore!

Digital Boss Masterclass by Wendy Vaz

Want to make money on social media but you don't know what to post online? Join Wendy Vaz for this 2 days Masterclass where you learn the A to Z of social media monetization. She'll be sharing with you the exact framework that's she's using to grow 1000 followers in just a very short time! Psst... she's gonna release a secret on how you can make money even when you sleep too!

Tribe Hacking & Free Traffic Masterclass by Sebastian Beja

In this masterclass you will learn on how to effectively identify your online competition and get in front of your competitor’s followers with a time-tested, simple-step formula. Besides, Sebastian will also share with you the hidden system to create viral posts and get thousands of views and free organic traffic.

Uncensored 8 Fugure Business by Vince Tan

Join Vince Tan for an UNCENSORED session where he shares the top secrets on how his students and investees are able to go from Zero to RM 20 million in 6 months, Zero to RM 22 million in 16 months, and Zero to RM 28 million in 18 months! Learn the key factors and mindset that can get you to your first 8-figure success.

High Ticket Deal Masterclass by Steven Yong

What if you could directly monetize your webinars and the content can be used again and again for passive income? Join Steven Yong to learn how to launch your first webinar, where you will learn the Top 3 high-impact HIGH TICKET DEAL strategies.

Persuasive Branding Masterclass by Wendy Vaz

In this masterclass, you will learn from Wendy Vaz and Vince Tan the 3 strategies on how to deliver PERSUASIVE message ALL the time, how to get people to buy what you sell HAPPILY, and most importantly, how can you master the art of HEART selling instead of hard selling especially on social media

Marketplace Superheroes by Stephen Somers

In this Masterclass, Stephen Somers teaches you the strategies on how to build an online business selling your own, branded products globally on Amazon. Join this masterclass if you are looking for a way to build a long-term sustainable income that will give you and your family financial freedom.

Forex Trading Masterclass by Ezone Constantine

In this masterclass, Ezone will be guiding you through a comprehensive forex training that will help you to readily kickstart your forex trading journey. He will be sharing his many years of refined knowledge in currency trade, trading strategies, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and much more to help you gain the most out of your forex trading journey

Mastering Google & Youtube Masterclass by Dawn Tan

Dawn will be navigating you through cutting-edge secrets of advertising in Google & YouTube that she personally developed continuously over the last 10 years through experience alongside her team. Get ready to channel the Hulk into your hands with Dawn and defeat the complexity & mystery of the algorithms with your biggest Hulk smash!!

Funnel Multiplier Masterclass by Terence tam

Together with Terence's previous experience and knowledge, thousands of hours of work, testing and research, you'll be learning a powerful formula developed for automated marketing system that delivers amazing marketing results for various businesses. And together with Terence, you'll be making your next money making machine.

BeyondSixFigures Masterclass by Justin Woll

Justin will be navigating you through product research, scaling, branding, video creation and more for your ecommerce from scratch to a huge scale. Justin experience throughout the years have allowed him to generate consistent profitable results and the exact system will be taught to you in this class which would allow your business to scale to the moon!

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